This is the tumblr dedicated to that fabulous movie-to-be, which I think should be entitled "Jeremy's Birthday Bash", but we'll see. We came up with this idea for a movie which features over 30 famous actors from around the world. The main idea of the story is the upcoming 70th birthday party of Jeremy Adams (played by Michael Caine) and all his various family members and old friends who turn up to the party and cause havoc for all. All actors seen on this tumblr are characters in the movie or it's sequel.

Run By: GeorgeBellaAdelaide

Disclaimer: (Sadly) This movie has not actually been released. It is purely an idea which we have come up with and cast with actors whom we love. But we like to have fun!

►Graphics By Bella
►Graphics By Adelaide
►Graphics By George

This blog is currently under construction. Please be patient.

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